Improve Your Web Content For Social Success

Using social media is a great way to reach out and market your services to a potentially vast number of new contacts and part of your final goal is going to be directing visitors to your website to find out more about what you have to offer.  Visitors, whose only contact with you so far, has been through your social media activity.

So, if you’re going to be inviting people over to view your online presence, you’d  better make sure your business website is fit for the job and ready for the increase in traffic.

social media for seminarsA successful website doesn’t have to be big or complicated and crammed full of the latest technical widgets.  Just make it clear what you want people to do on it! If you are not getting much contact through your website or if even one person has mentioned that it’s difficult to find their way around then it could be time to make some improvements.

Taking an objective look at your own website can be difficult, especially if your business is particularly technical or specialised, but try reading it with a fresh pair of eyes, imagining you know nothing about the company or where important information is stored and see what kind of impression it leaves.

If you feel your site is falling a little short then here are some pointers to help tidy up your content:

  • When someone lands on your Home page, can they immediately understand what kind of business you are, what you are selling and what they are supposed to do next? Potential customers will disappear pretty quickly if they can’t fathom that initial page.
  • Make sure information is easy to find and clearly written.  Don’t use too much jargon; it should be possible to write clearly without patronising your audience. Most people, even experts, appreciate transparent language.
  • Prioritise your content. Summarise topics and link to more detailed information. It’s a myth that people don’t read on websites. What they do is quickly scan text, looking for the particular area they’re interested in. If they can’t find it, they’ll soon move on.
  • Can people really read the information contained within your site? Is the font too small? Is there too much text in large, wide blocks? Using headings, bullet points and short paragraphs helps people to read on-screen.
  • Make sure all the content is up to date. Add any new products and services, highlight them and make them easy to find. If you’re running an offer, is it clear how to get it? Does your offer code work and is it obvious where to enter it?
  • Are your pages slow to load? It could be that your images are too big and are being scaled down when loaded by the browser. Are there too many images on one page? Are your pages badly coded with a lot of extraneous code? Pages that load too slowly are a great distraction and put many people off.

This is not an exhaustive list, but improving these things on your site will greatly enhance the user’s experience and really will contribute to converting casual viewers into real customers.

And the really cool side effect of following these simple principles is that it’s great for search engine optimisation (SEO) and will improve your ‘natural’ search engine positioning!

If you want more help with understanding how to make your website work as part of your online marketing strategy then contact or visit our web site


7 thoughts on “Improve Your Web Content For Social Success

    • Thanks for your comment, glad you liked it. We are aiming at businesses who maybe don’t have a great knowledge base so we’re starting simple. Helping them to get the basics in place and invest time wisely in social media.

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