Overcome your blog phobia!

Worried about taking your first step into the world of blogs?

Taking your ideas and committing them to paper (or virtual paper) takes courage, determination and a good deal of self belief. You may ponder for hours, even days, over what you want to say and how you are going to say it. Believing in what you’ve got to say is critical; the best advice I’ve read recently is from the blogging master Jeff Bullas

“It’s your time to share your knowledge with a world that needs inspiration.”

Read on for simple tips for any small business, sole-trader or SME about to embark on this journey of self belief and knowledge sharing.

Reasons To Write A Blog

  • It’s a great way to open up your company or business to a new audience
  • It gives you freedom to write about whatever you want
  • It can create new channels of communication with customers and prospects
  • It’s a great place to promote new products and offers


What To Write About – To stay motivated and maintain regular blog schedule you have to write about your passion, something that you enjoy and that you can talk about with ease. The trick is not to over think your topic. The content you include in your blog could be educational, inspirational, funny, thought provoking even contentious.

Speech bubble about blogsDon’t worry about being original or ground breaking, just make it interesting.

A blog it doesn’t have to be the written word. What about a video blog, or image based blog, try tools like Slideshare as a new way to present content.

A Great Headline – I always write my headline last. Mostly because I just want to get on and write the blog, also because as I write the headline idea just develops.

The headline needs to make readers want to read on (as you hopefully have in this case). If you’re struggling here are a few pointers for effective headlines:

  1. List posts “20 ways to…….peel a banana…”
  2. How To… or Ways To…….write a blog/do something
  3. The Secret of ……..
  4. What everybody ought to know about…..

Make It Easy To Share  – Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and YouTube and Pinterest – for visual blogs).

So if you are worried or procrastinating over writing your first blog. My advice is just go for it.