5 Social Media Platforms To Help You Promote Your Business.

With so many social media platforms to choose from – which ones will increase performance for your business? At Bee Social Smart we know that social media is a necessary tool for you to be able to add value to your business.

Below is a brief outline of just 5 (of the many) options available and that can help you increase your sales today.


Twitter is an online social media platform that enables you too connect to people or businesses. With approximately 555 million accounts there are plenty of people/businesses to communicate with!

Since there are around 9,000 tweets go out every second your tweet has a very short life cycle span – Twitter Users need to post little and often intermittently throughout the day.


Many people use Facebook for pleasure but did you know that you can also create a business page?
Facebook potentially gives you the chance to attract a different type of audience to Twitter, plus you can post a picture which is instantly visible to your audience.
Once your page has received 30 likes, you are then able to access ‘insights’ which are statistics to help you identify which helps you measure your efforts.
Facebook Users need to determine how often they are going to post on their business page and stick to it – By posting regular, reliable content people will learn to visit your page as a trusted source of information.


Linked-in gives you the chance to show off your business skills. It is a powerful tool which enables you to display your CV to the entire world! You are given the opportunity to ‘Connect’ with fellow business, people and build relationships with experts that work in the same field as you as well as potential clients.
Linked-in also gives you the opportunity to build yourself an excellent reputation as passed or present colleagues are able to recommend you to their connections.


Pinterest is a virtual online pin board. You are able to create boards about subjects you love. For example, if you own a hair salon you could create the following boards:

  • Styles that you have created in your salon (the before and after picture)
  • Styles which are trending in big cities such as London
  • Fashion

Link to these pins on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Other users will also see your pins and start to follow you. Pinterest is perfect for any business that has a product to sell or a visual representation of their service.

You Tube enables you to put videos of yourself  and market your brand, this can help people develop an instant connection with you.
People in life are very busy – so it is recommended that your video be 3 minutes or less in time – as always content is key.

All of the above are powerful tools which can be used to drive traffic to your website.

Would you like to know more about how to use social media platforms to increase performance in your business? We  are running two workshops on 14th November.

Can’t make on the 14th November, or think a workshop is not for you? We also offer a range of social media consultancy, training and social media management services.

We love to help, contact us through any of our social media channels and we would love to chat and see if we can help.


Re-purpose Content With Digital Animation

Videos make great online content and, compared to using real video footage, digital animation is a relatively quick and flexible way to put together an entertaining piece.

Here’s how BeeSocialSmart created an animated video from existing content…..

Re-purpose Existing Content: In terms of promoting your services, re-packaging your existing content in the form of a video can provide new marketing opportunities and stimulate interest in your company.  YouTube videos are great for your Google ranking and, social media gurus like Jeff Bullas are always telling us, they are more likely to get shared and prompt feedback via social media channels.  They also provide a fun and interesting way to encourage people to find out more about you by visiting your website.

We had the idea of creating an animated video to promote our social media services and started thinking about how to create a short ‘sting’ to tell people what we do.  The style needed to be clear and bright, show off our friendly personality and give a short, comprehensive message of what we are about.

Pare Down Content: Before thinking of any visuals, we sat down and made some notes on what we wanted to say.  The message had to be made up of short sentences and bullet points but not become too slogan-y.  It also had to get straight to the point, be quick to read and easy to understand.

There’s so much to say about your own business that it can be quite difficult to pare it down to the bare essentials.  However, we think we did quite a good job of picking a few choice phrases and still giving a strong ‘call to action’.

Key Points for video content:

  • Keep messages short and easy to absorb
  • Don’t overload the screen
  • Pace things so that people have time to read the text
  • Unless it’s a tutorial, if your video starts to get more than a couple of minutes long consider splitting it into two separate clips.
  • Try to be consistent with your other marketing materials and activity
  • Make it clear what people should do when they reach the end

After sorting out the text content, we began thinking about how to present the information visually.

Use Your Brand:  The star of the show was always going to be our busy bee, but of course we also needed to make good use of our logo and brand colours. By taking


Social Media Can Help Your Business Bloom

inspiration from other elements such as the BeeSocialSmart website and our presentation material, we were able to keep a consistent feel.  Consistency is important because it helps people understand who the message is from and gives a much more professional impression.

From this point on, it’s really a case of using your imagination!  The great thing about animation is that pretty much anything is possible.  However, it’s still important to remember to present text clearly and pace things so that people have time to read and absorb the information.

Animation: Sitting down with the animator, we first of all worked on getting the text to flow and then used the animated bee to link the ‘scenes’ together.  We added a vibrating effect to the word ‘buzz’ and, naturally, the word ‘bloom’ was just crying out for a few flowers.  We chose a vibrant pink to bring in an extra splash of colour and add a little impact.

We didn’t have a voiceover, so we chose some soundtrack music which we used to set the pace and timing for the animation.  Adding a few sound effects completed the job!

The finished video was uploaded to our new YouTube channel and embedded into the BeeSocialSmart website.  From there is was easy to promote the video using Facebook and Twitter.

If you want more help with understanding how to use video as part of your online marketing strategy then contact us info@beesocialsmart.co.uk or visit our web site www.beesocialsmart.co.uk.

6 Point Checklist – Making Your Content King!

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. But you may be sitting there afraid to ask what this actually means, or simply worrying just how to make your content regal…this checklist could help!

What do we mean by content? Our personal favourite definition (courtesy of www.TheWordFactory.com).

“Content is the presentation of information for a purpose to an audience through a channel in a form.”

For social media, ‘content’ is the post, tweet, image, blog and video you share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn (and other social media platforms). If you’re aiming for ‘Royal Status” ask yourself these few things.

Content Is King

Making Content King

Is my content………………

Interesting, useful or helpful? Make your content work hard: tell a story, share some facts, surprise your readers, reveal some secrets, give a new spin on existing knowledge, make the reader laugh or cry. Give your fans and followers something to act on or teach them something new, they may well do some of your marketing for you – by sharing, liking and retweeting.

Diverse? Make your content varied and interesting. Re-purpose content you already own such as white papers, research data, editorial articles – it can all be used online. Offer tips and information to educate. Remember to add links to your own website and other sources of information you value. Don’t forget to ask questions, provide promotions and offers. Occasional humour or levity is good as well. Don’t be afraid to share other people’s content it shows you are impartial and value other points of view.

Relevant to my target audience? Identify who you need to talk to and use appropriate phrases, keywords and identify suitable #hashtags. Join existing conversations among your target audience, enjoy the ‘chat’ and avoid the hard sell.

Well written? There’s nothing worse than a post or tweet full of errors and broken links so make sure it’s….

  • Punchy
  • Concise
  • Polite
  • Helpful
  • Trustworthy
  • Entertaining
  • In English (not text speak)
  • Check the spelling
  • Check grammar
  • Check links

Remember all content refers back to your business and your brand.

Helping to drive my business forward? Linking your content to business goals gives your social media efforts a purpose.  Maybe you want to find new business partnerships, or research a new region for business development, identify potential customers and learn more about them, converse with experts in your industry or simply entertain your followers and fans. Write content that helps to meet these goals.

Planned? Content works best when it’s planned and co-ordinated. Use a content calendar to schedule content based on business objectives, monthly targets, seasonality, industry trends and events. Be timely with your content link it to trends and news.

At BeeSocialSmart we follow Chris Brogan and in a recent blog and we found his statement that “Content Marketing is sales-minded storytelling”. It embodies the essence of good practice. Avoid the hard sell but know what you want to say – link your content to your quarterly sales objectives and build a story that helps achieve those targets.


Improve Your Web Content For Social Success

Using social media is a great way to reach out and market your services to a potentially vast number of new contacts and part of your final goal is going to be directing visitors to your website to find out more about what you have to offer.  Visitors, whose only contact with you so far, has been through your social media activity.

So, if you’re going to be inviting people over to view your online presence, you’d  better make sure your business website is fit for the job and ready for the increase in traffic.

social media for seminarsA successful website doesn’t have to be big or complicated and crammed full of the latest technical widgets.  Just make it clear what you want people to do on it! If you are not getting much contact through your website or if even one person has mentioned that it’s difficult to find their way around then it could be time to make some improvements.

Taking an objective look at your own website can be difficult, especially if your business is particularly technical or specialised, but try reading it with a fresh pair of eyes, imagining you know nothing about the company or where important information is stored and see what kind of impression it leaves.

If you feel your site is falling a little short then here are some pointers to help tidy up your content:

  • When someone lands on your Home page, can they immediately understand what kind of business you are, what you are selling and what they are supposed to do next? Potential customers will disappear pretty quickly if they can’t fathom that initial page.
  • Make sure information is easy to find and clearly written.  Don’t use too much jargon; it should be possible to write clearly without patronising your audience. Most people, even experts, appreciate transparent language.
  • Prioritise your content. Summarise topics and link to more detailed information. It’s a myth that people don’t read on websites. What they do is quickly scan text, looking for the particular area they’re interested in. If they can’t find it, they’ll soon move on.
  • Can people really read the information contained within your site? Is the font too small? Is there too much text in large, wide blocks? Using headings, bullet points and short paragraphs helps people to read on-screen.
  • Make sure all the content is up to date. Add any new products and services, highlight them and make them easy to find. If you’re running an offer, is it clear how to get it? Does your offer code work and is it obvious where to enter it?
  • Are your pages slow to load? It could be that your images are too big and are being scaled down when loaded by the browser. Are there too many images on one page? Are your pages badly coded with a lot of extraneous code? Pages that load too slowly are a great distraction and put many people off.

This is not an exhaustive list, but improving these things on your site will greatly enhance the user’s experience and really will contribute to converting casual viewers into real customers.

And the really cool side effect of following these simple principles is that it’s great for search engine optimisation (SEO) and will improve your ‘natural’ search engine positioning!

If you want more help with understanding how to make your website work as part of your online marketing strategy then contact info@beesocialsmart.co.uk or visit our web site www.beesocialsmart.co.uk

Be S M A R T – Be Social !

Is it really important to have a plan for you social media in your marketing strategy? At BeeSocialSmart we believe it is. As our name suggests, we use the SMART philosophy and want to share it with you – it’s great to hear what you think so please comment and let us know if this helps ……….

S is for Specific:

Specific steps are required to help you accomplish your long term goals; ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to achieve and when do I want to achieve this by?
  • How much will this cost me in both time and effort?
  • How am I going to allocate the resources to this ?

M is for Measurable:

By creating regular reports you will be able to measure your success in stages, which will encourage you to stick to your long-term goals and identify any room for improvement.

There are many tools available on the internet to help you analyse your activity, however if you need support area help is available.

A is for Attainable:

Success is attainable – You can grow your business!

Have a long term plan and break it down into smaller, manageable realistic goals. You will get a sense of achievement at each step which will make the next goal easier to achieve.

By planning each small step, you and your business will grow from strength to strength.

R is for Realistic:

How often do you hear or say? :

“I would love to do that; but I don’t have the time

Choose the best social media platform for your business

Choose the best social media platform for your business

Only set goals you know you can realistically achieve.  It is better to work with one social media platform (i.e. Twitter or Facebook) than register for every social media tool and risk spreading your time and effort too thin. How much time can you realistically spend every day on social media?

Think big: Start small

T is for Timed:

It is imperative to set yourself deadlines: Identify what you would like to achieve in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months from now.

Nobody sets off on a journey without first knowing the route they will take and social media is no different.

6 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Are Failing

So you’re on every social media site you can imagine. You’re posting, Tweeting, telling everyone about your business but “IT’S JUST NOT WORKING”. Ever wondered why?

Maybe it’s time to review exactly what you’re doing; make good use of the time you devote to social media activities.

1. You don’t have an objective for you social media activity – Without a clear objective it’s no wonder things aren’t going to plan. You wouldn’t go into a sales meeting without a bottom line offer in your pocket! Be clear what you want social media to achieve for your business; to acquire and engage new customers, to gain leads and referrals, or to boost awareness, to give you an insight into a new business area, even to become the ‘go to’ expert on a particular topic.

2. You are on the wrong sites? – With myriad options how do you know which one’s are right? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Foursquare – these are some you may know.  Making them work for you does require a bit of homework. Find out where you potential customers are most likely to be active – not all sites work for all brands. Think “Who do we want to talk to” and “What do we want to say” to help focus your social media efforts on sites where your ideas are most likely to appeal to the audience.

3. You are not giving readers/followers anything to react to? – Remember social media is about conversation and communication. Don’t just broadcast – LISTEN. Nobody wants to read time again about your new widget or service, your latest special offer,or why they have to buy what you sell. It’s like chatting to a friend – ask questions, respond to their views, agree or disagree with them, repeat the good stuff, challenge them – don’t just talk about yourself.


4. You delegate social media to an office junior/PA/Admin assistant. – A classic error. Don’t assume that because your PA/admin assistant is on Facebook that she knows how to use it for business. Social media success requires you to be real, be yourself and show a personality that is appropriate for your business. Find an expert or do it yourself.

5. You pushed out too many ideas. – Keep it simple. It takes time for potential customers to get to know your business, don’t switch and change your posts, tweets or videos too frequently. Create a content strategy and calendar with themes and topics that are relevant. Allow time for people to absorb what you’re saying.

6. You gave up too soon – Few relationships are ‘love at first sight’ and social media is no different. If you are guilty of any point in 1-5 above you probably haven’t had a great first date. But don’t give up too soon. It does take time, some planning and a bit of effort. But the results will be worth it.